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Readers Are Leaders at MacArthur K-8
MacArthur K-8 University Academy
This grant will enable Mrs. Wyjtylo's 3rd grade class to purchase classroom materials and computer software so that students can grow in their Reading and Math skills. Students in Mrs. Wyjtylo's class also would love to have more technology to use daily. Having this new technology will help our students excel in Reading, Writing, Math, and Test Taking Skills. The 3rd grade students in Mrs. Wyjtylo's classroom love to learn and love reading, writing, and using technology daily. This grant would enable them to have their own Ipads in the classroom daily. This would also give Mrs. Wyjtylo the opportunity to differentiate her instruction with small groups that promote Reading and Writing skills in the classroom. Finally, Mrs. Wyjtylo would love to be able to purchase a class set of novels for her 3rd graders to use at MacArthur daily. Please support Mrs. Wyjtylo and her students and help us become LEADERS at MacArthur K-8!
Grade: 3rd Grade
Category: Reading