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Books! Books! Books!
Duncan Elementary
Oh, The Places We Will Go with a wide selection of high-quality books in hand! Books can take us far beyond the four walls of the classroom, into magical and faraway places. Students can experience thrilling adventures and travel to any destination…with a good book. As a teacher, my goal is to create lifelong readers and lifelong learners. Fostering a love of reading at an early age has long-lasting benefits and helps create a strong foundation for success. Providing students a choice in what they read to match their interests and needs allows them to develop personal connections to reading and motivates them to read more. I would like to expand the selection of books in our classroom library to include a wide variety of genres, topics of interest and multiple copies of our most popular books. I would also like to add a few more comfy seats and pillows in our reading area, there’s nothing better than being curled up, comfy and cozy, with a great book!
Grade: 2nd Grade
Category: Reading