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Flexible Seating
Shelby Junior High
Just like children have different learning styles, they have different physical needs when it comes to learning. That is why I would like to implement "flexible seating" in my classroom. I believe this project will help promote independent learners and help students engage more actively in their learning. It will also allow my students to exercise choice and find academic success on their own terms. Furthermore, this project promotes making responsible seating choices that will effect their learning. It also encourages a sense of community as they they learn to cooperate in the decision making process to decide what type of seating is best for everyone. My goals for implementing this classroom design is to increase collaboration, enable new teaching strategies, reduce extended seating, and help students focus. I hope that by rearranging my classroom environment, it will provide options to students that will open up the possibilities of their learning.
Grade: 8th Grade
Category: Teamwork and Cooperation