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Mini Ecosystem
Saint Germaine
I teach 4th and 5th grade science. We study ecosystems and the delicate balance contained therein.

By building, caring, maintaining, and constantly observing our mini ecosystems, I strongly believe I can instill a lifelong respect and understanding for all life on our planet and for the planet Earth itself.

By offering funding for our project you will not only help secure the understanding and importance of saving and maintaining the Earth’s stability, but also foster a lifelong appreciation for it.

If lucky enough to receive this grant, I will use the money to purchase 3 different habitats/ecosystems for my class to create, care for, and observe: the Exo-Terra Rainforest Terrarium, Exo-Terra Desert Terrarium, and the Imagitarium Frameless Freshwater Aquarium.
Grade: 4th Grade
Category: Science