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New Teacher Needs a Classroom Library
Carkenord Elementary
I am a first year teacher. I feel so blessed to spend everyday with my 28 second graders. However, as a first year teacher, I do not have the funds to give my students a classroom library.

For each level of reading I have about 10-15 books that I have bought myself from numerous thrift stores. Unfortunately many of these books are outdated, in rough physical condition and the children are not interested in the books I have to offer. The books I have are stored in bins I bought from the dollar store.

With this money, I plan to provide my students with the classroom library they deserve! It is very difficult to get students excited about reading when they do not have a variety of books to chose from. If I am chosen, I will buy sturdy book boxes for my students to “book shop” from. Many of mine are currently cracked. The majority of the money will be used to buy updated, leveled books so my students are able to pick out books that interest them.
Grade: 2nd Grade
Category: Reading