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Fun with Flexible Seating
Beacon Tree Elementary
Studies have shown that young children need to utilize movement in order to have a more successful and enriching classroom experience. This grant will provide me the opportunity to purchase a wide variety of seating so I can incorporate flexible seating into my classroom. Flexible seating lends itself to classroom movement in that it allows students to choose where they want to sit based on their individual needs. Wobbly seats, stools, scoop chairs and many more items open up a world of fun, creativity, and engaging learning for my third graders. They will be able to work independently, with partners or in groups on various activities throughout the year. It will also provide materials that will encourage and strengthen cooperative learning. Lapboards, mini desks, small tables will be some of the materials that will allow my students to work in flexible seating groups. This grant will enable me to purchase many of the items that will provide flexible seating for my third graders!
Grade: 3rd Grade
Category: Furniture (Tables, Chairs, Bookshelves)