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Flamenco Experience
Boulan Park Middle School
I teach 8th grade Spanish, and I seek to bring the culture of Spain to life.

In April, students will study the cultural event of Semana Santa. They will learn when and why Spaniards wear religious and flamenco costumes, debunk stereotypes about them, and learn about traditions observed every year. The celebration of Feria follows Semana Santa, and I hope to deepen learning of this event in particular.

If earned, this grant will pay for my 84 students to attend flamenco dance lessons and for the entire school to observe a flamenco performance (in which I hope some of my students will perform!). The lessons and performance will be provided by CompaƱeros de Flamenco, a troupe based in Wixom. I have negotiated the price for the day ($1000 - $500 of which I am hoping to finance through an additional grant). Location and scheduling are set - financing this event is the last puzzle piece I need to make this interactive cultural lesson happen!

Thank you for considering my project.
Grade: 8th Grade
Category: Language