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Classroom Conversion
I am teaching biology in an english/language classroom because there is not an available science room left in our building. The new biology curriculum is model-based and requires a lot of group work. This is very different from the lecture and note-taking format many of us experienced in the past. To fit the new curriculum, our classroom needs 9 tables where groups of 3-4 can work on the numerous activities (instead of desks). We currently have put together a hodgepodge of folding tables and hexagon tables which are not in great condition (see photo). I would like to purchase nine, 48" round classroom tables for my students. My students don't have a lab setting, but we are doing our best to make it work. This would help tremendously, not only with the classroom management of all our new activities, but also aesthetics. Thank you for your consideration.
Grade: 10th Grade
Category: Science