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Hands on Learning Fun!
Ebeling Elementary School
What one student needs or benefits from can be something totally different than what the child next to them needs. My goal as a special education teacher is to make every student achieve their individual goals, and be able to provide my students with the best learning materials possible! This is why I would like to provide my students with more hands-on learning options for reading and writing in my learning center classroom. If funded, I would purchase the instant learning centers for my students. I would like to provide something new and different for my special education students to help them be able to be more successful! The students who I service have a variety of special needs from Autism, Learning Disabilities, Speech and Language Impairments, and ADD/ADHD. My students would greatly benefit from more hands-on learning centers to address their reading and writing skills. These instant learning centers would service over twenty students on my caseload.
Grade: 2nd Grade
Category: Reading