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Incorporating technology within the algebra classroom
Eppler Junior High
The majority of my graphing calculators are 10-15 years old. The screens are cracking and getting pixelated, and many just don't work anymore. My algebra curriculum calls for a heavy use of technology in many units: using a graph to solve a system of equations, to compute the maximum or minimum value of a function, and to compute regression lines of many functions. The new color graphing calculators will allow students to compare and contrast key features of multiple functions at once. The use of colors on the calculator will be beneficial in the polynomial unit when students have to generate multiple regression functions to determine the best function. The newer, faster graphing calculators will also allow me to have the students explore real world data, and investigate their graphs, tables, and rules. I would LOVE a full set of graphing calculators, so I plan on finding multiple grants to fulfill this dream. These are also better for the environment as they are rechargeable.
Grade: 8th Grade
Category: Math