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Braille and Tactile Book Boxes
Washtenaw Intermediate School District
Literacy is important especially at a young age. My team and I are teachers for students who are blind and visually impaired. An all too common problem is that our students cannot access the words or pictures in books. During early literacy, accessing pictures is important to the learner to encourage engagement with the story. In addition to staying engaged, children use pictures as contextual clues to decipher words as a pre-reading strategy. This lack of accessibility poses an enormous problem when it comes to our students. To compound the already significant difficulties of being blind, our students don’t have access to these pre-reading strategies. My team would like to create story boxes to fill this gap. These boxes will include, a plastic box to hold all materials, the printed picture book, clear braille labels which correspond to the print page and real objects relating to the main idea of the story. Real objects can include 3-D toys/material or 2-D raised lined images.
Grade: Preschool
Category: Reading