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Quality Children's Literature Library
Addams Early Childhood Center
Funds would be used to purchase multiple copies of various children's books. Books to be purchased are recognized as "quality children's literature." These books all contain multiple story elements such as character development, setting, problem, solution. As children are read and re-read these books they begin to build "book vocabulary." This is integral in helping children become competent readers and writers.

I teach four year-old, at-risk preschool children. These children are often not read to at home which makes our time in school so much more valuable. Watching and listening to a young child "read" a familiar book is priceless. Children gain confidence as readers and learners just by looking at pictures and remembering the text that has been read to them.

Having funds to support this learning by allowing me to build this library and have many copies of various books is invaluable. I hope you will consider my project.
Grade: Preschool
Category: Reading