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Mice for MI Classroom
Shelby Junior High
My students are enrolled in an exciting new course, Computer Science Discoveries. They will make websites to express their interests using HTML and CSS. They will learn JavaScript to program a game to bust boredom. They will learn about empathizing with a user's needs (other than themselves) as they create apps for social good. The year ends with students programming a circuit board to receive input and create output.
The students are on laptops for all these amazing innovations they make throughout the year, and they need mice to help drag and drop all the blocks of code. The laptop touch pad was very difficult for some as their fine motor skills are still developing and mice would help alleviate their aggravation and free their minds to create! Please help me help the future innovators of the world through easing their struggle so they can soar to new heights.
Grade: 8th Grade
Category: Computer Science