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1st Year Teacher Needs her A, B, C's Too.
Annie E. Flynn Educational Center
As a 1st year teacher in special education, I need my A, B, C’s and all the other letters of the alphabet. I need A for Activities, B for Books, C for Cooking Supplies, F for Flexible Seating, M for Manipulatives, and P for Puzzles, just to name a few. I am specifically looking at purchasing alternative seating for my students and some bookshelves. The seating is to make the students comfortable in the classroom, especially since some of my students have physical limitations. The bookshelves are to make books, puzzles, games, and manipulatives more accessible to all the students. While I am absorbing the cost of the majority of items, it is not feasible at this time for me purchase the more expensive items with my personal funds. I would use funds to purchase some big ticket items.
Grade: 12th Grade
Category: Sensory