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21st Century Here I Come.
Adlai Stevenson High School
As an older teacher, I have been avoiding incorporating technology in my classroom, but I have just recently decided to jump in with both feet. I will be adding technology and apps (applications) in my class. Unfortunately, while some apps are free, many come with a cost. I would use funds to acquire technology and/or apps to help reach more students. Some of the apps I would like to incorporate include Quizlet, PlanBook, KHAN Academy, Schoology, KaHoots, REMIND, and ZipGrade to name a few. I would also like to utilize some graphing applications like DESMOS and the TI-Nspire, which can be downloaded on to I-Pads or tablets. I am still investigating additional options, including classroom devices for students who do not own technology. By using various media I hope meet the needs of a broader audience. With these additional resources, technologies, and means of communication with the students, hopefully students will not only understand the information, but also score better on the SAT’s and be better prepared for college.

Tablets: $500/device
PlanBook: $15.00/year
Quizlet: $35.99/year
Schoology: School provided this year
ZipGrade: $6.99 per year
TI-NSpire: $29.99 per device
Grade: 11th Grade
Category: Math