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Project Math Videos
Stevenson High School
My project is to make and post math videos on my class website for students. I often hear my students say that if they miss a day of Algebra, they feel so far behind and never quite recover. I am hoping videos of what was covered in class will help my students who are absent by providing them with somewhat live instruction. To do this I will need a large Wifi iPad Pro with 128 GB to annotate and save my videos since it is a touch screen and has apps available to record my voice and screen capture. Likewise, I will be able to track how many views each video gets. This will allow me to see what topics my students are struggling on and adjust my instruction accordingly. Eventually, I'd like to try flipping my classroom. Students would take notes at home and work on assignments in class. This would allow for struggling students to have the help of their peers and teacher. Like anything, I have to start somewhere.
Grade: 11th Grade
Category: Math