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Flexible Seating for the Classroom
Shelby Jr. High School
Alternative seating or flexible seating actively brings students into the classroom-design discussion. It lets them identify the kinds of furniture, such as chairs, stools, rockers, etc., that 1.) they find most comfortable, and 2.) gets them motivated to learn. The process promotes student creativity and collaboration, letting students work toward gradual change within practical constraints.

A flexible-seating classroom is anything but a dull, uniform row of identical chairs and desks. Rather, there are various types of seating spread throughout the room. They vary in shape, height, material and motion, and will include a few traditional choices, as well. Typically, students decide their spot on a rotation basis. Clearly posted classroom rules help keep the harmony.

Grade: 7th Grade
Category: Furniture (Tables, Chairs, Bookshelves)