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Flexible Seating in First Grade
Harmon Elementary
Research shows that allowing students to sit in comfortable, flexible seating greatly enhances their focus. With this grant I would be able to offer my students a variety of seating options based on what best meets their needs. Students would be able to use scoop rockers, wobble stools, and wiggle seats to focus in our classroom. These options will allow them to find a responsible and comfortable work space and get the most out of our work times and throughout the school day. I would also like to purchase a rug to have a group meeting area for the class for large group lessons. My students will be able to choose a seating option that allows them to focus and stay comfortable. Both of which are needed to produce quality work. By enhancing students’ ability to focus on lessons and learning, I will be able to ensure that more in-depth learning occurs and students are spending more time on tasks throughout the school day.
Grade: 1st Grade
Category: Classroom Management